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Warm welcome to Academic Writing Module.This module is developed to help you to develop writing skill that will lead toacademic success. This module is a combination text and video. Its focusedlesson, specific exercises, and sample opportunities for practices are designto help students gain confidence in writing academic prose and to take university-level students with an intermediate ability in English as a second languagefrom paragraph writing to essay writing. The module combines a process approachto writing (Where students work on invention, peer response, editing, andwriting multiple drafts) with a pragmatic approach to teaching the basicwriting (with direct instruction on such elements as topic sentences, thesisstatements, and outlines).Therefore, in this first module you will learnProcess of writing consist of Pre- Writing, Writing/drafting, revising andediting. There are four activities develop based on the type process ofwriting. On each type of text, you will be given a range of one to some tasks,and also links to the learning sources available on internet. In unit 1- 6 youwill analyze and write type of paragraph in that commonly occur in academiccontext. You will practice writing topic sentences and concluding sentences,organizing the paragraph coherently, and using appropriate vocabulary, grammar,and transitional devices in the paragraph.

Pemula Menengah Mahir

Capaian Mata Kuliah

  • Graduate of English Education is based on attitude, knowledge and skill that learner aquired in the learning process of academic writing which aim to have the ability to identify, analyzed and to apply the best process of writing.
  • Graduation Profile. It is expected that the students have good competence in writing. They may apply the skill to any field of works such as novelist, colomnist, editor. e.ct.
  • The subject tells about how to write a paragraph well. To write a text with supporting idea where it will let the writer to determine particular ideas to support the main ideas.

Pokok Bahasan

  • Process of Writing
  • The Stucture of Paragraph
  • The Development of Paragraph.
  • The Structure of Essay
  • Outlining an Essay
  • Introduction and conclution
  • Unity and Coherence


Durasi Kuliah
Instructor: Dr Eny Syatriana M.Pd
Max. students: 100
Attending: 0